This simple chicken Bacon Casserole with Ranch is a perfect choice for a quick and easy dinner. In it, you will have chicken, pasta, bacon, alfredo with ranch dressing, and most of all, cheese.

As you know, schools have started so easy and quick meals are most preferred for busy families. You will see that casseroles are perfect when you have a short time. Out of all of them, you will surely find the chicken bacon ranch casserole to be most addicting.

You can use homemade alfredo sauce in this chicken bacon ranch recipe. The flavor of parmesan blends deliciously with the ranch dressing, making a cheesy, creamy sauce. To make this recipe so easy and quick, you can either use the rotisserie chicken from a store or canned chicken.

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For this casserole dish, you can use rotini pasta. To get gooey cheese, you can use a mixture of mozzarella and cheddar cheese. It is recommended to shred your cheese freshly. If you use pre-shredded bagged cheese, it will get greasy.

You can either use homemade alfredo sauce or buy some previously cooked sauce from the store to save time.Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole Infographic