Mookata or Mu Kratha is a trendy and cheap buffet located in several places in Thailand. When it comes to Mookata, you get to pick and cook yourself fresh pork strips and seafood that are exclusively displayed in a buffet-style. What’s more, it comes at a low and fixed price.

Here’s how it works; it’s pretty simple. Mookata blends Korean barbecue with Thai hot pot. When you visit, you get the hot pot, get to pick all you can eat in a steamboat buffet, enrich your appetite, and guess what, the price remains the same. But you must be sure to finish your food! Interesting right?

If you intend to visit Pattaya Thailand and want to have some experience with what the Thai daily lifestyle feels like, you need to try out Mookata Pattaya. And here’s some good news, you don’t need to worry about choosing the perfect place to enjoy it. Yes, you heard that right, Jmookata got you covered with their excellent BBQ Pattaya!

At Jmookata, you don’t have to worry about good hygiene. We are sure to provide excellent hygiene while we offer you the best Mookata eating experience around. And what’s more, we give you top-notch value for all you can eat in our Thai Mookata buffet for only 149 Baht!

Everything is brand new and clean!

To give you a tip of our excellent value for the little cash you have to pay, here’s a list of the excellent foodstuff you get to choose from our steamboat buffet, all for the fixed price of 149 Baht:

  • Fresh farm pork strips
  • Other fresh meats
  • New Zealand mussels
  • Fresh squid
  • Prawns (Plus one tray of large prawns per person – we give you this extra free of charge!)
  • Unique, delicious sauce dips
  • Ice Cream scoops
  • Variety of fruits

Now, we are available for your exquisite Mookata buffet needs every day, and we’re open from 1 pm till 3 am. Remember, at Jmookata, we offer you the best at a low price and excellent hygiene. Again, we’ve got friendly staff and a lovely atmosphere! Come around today, we’re expecting you!

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